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#boutofbooks 16 – Day 5

Sorceress of Darshiva Book 4 of the Malloreon - David Eddings
Bout of Books

Day 5 and I'm relaxing a bit in the sun on my lovely balcony, book in hand.


I just hit page number 300, so I've got 100 pages left of Sorceress of Darshiva. As a teenager I never noticed how Eddings sometimes comes up with the most riddiculous ideas to fuel the plot. I lost it when he suddenly introduced a completely new (and nonsensical) piece of information that would render everything that happened before and after superflouous – only the characters didn't seem to care. Well, I knew before this was only lit for fun, but it is becoming more and more apparent why.


And now I'll continue reading :)

I don't expect to finish this book today, but maybe tomorrow morning.