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#boutofbooks 16 – Day 4

Drifter #1 - Ivan Brandon, Nic Klein
 Bout of Books

Today I finished book 2 of this readathon, but it wasn't the one I was hoping to race through.


I spent some minutes at the library between appointments and had just enough time to check out a fairly random comic book pick.

It happened to be Drifter Vol.1 – Crash by Nic Klein. And what a disjointed mess it was. This scifi comic lured me in with its vivid colours and panoramic panels. Also I glanced some female characters. That's why I took the book with me I guess.


In Drifter, Abram Pollux' spaceship crashes on a strange planet. Pollux survives the crash and is saved, but it seems several years have passed while his wounds point at a very short period of time. So far, so good (if not that original).

But from then on it only got more and more confusing; by the end of volume one I don't have even a clue what is going on or what I should look out for. Also I don't "get" the world building, and to top it I dislike the protagonist.


So in short: I won't be continuing on with this, as it is indeed a series.



I'm still reading Sorceress of Darshiva. I just didn't have enough time to read, and the heat makes me sleepy.


So far I managed to partake in the conversation on Twitter a bit, if not much.