Impressions from the reading life

#TBRTakedown 3.5 day 3

Schachnovelle - Stefan Zweig

So this is the final day of #TBRTakedown! I made it through 3 books from my tbr, which is more than I had hoped for.

First, I finished Stormfront by Jim Butcher. I had only 80 pages left and this was a quick read. Suffice to say, I ordered book 2 right away.

Yesterday I read Danton's Death, a play by Georg Büchner. I wasn't blown away, but it was interesting to see what Büchner made of the subject, considering he was a revolutionary himself.


Today I made my way through Chess Story by Stefan Zweig. I was expecting a lot from it, having heard great things about this short novella. What's more, I adore Zweig's writing.

I'mso glad I finally read this. It deserves all the praise it gets - go read it.


I'll dip my toe into Alberto Manguel's A History of Reading next. So far, I've read 130 pages during the last months (!), despite it being very interesting. It must be due to its size: I own the illustrated hardcover edition, which is a bit hard to handle.


So the readathon comes to an end and I feel quite successful. I hope you had a great weekend. Which books did you read that you can recommend? I'd love to read your recommendations!