Impressions from the reading life

Monthly TBR: April 2016

April Lesestapel


In April I want to dedicate my reading to all the books I haven't finished! Most of them were not boring or bad in any sense, I just wasn't in the mood for them. Now I can get back to them and happily reach the final page. Or so I hope :-)


David Eddings: Demon Lord of Karanda

Mygoal is to finish this series in June, which means I have to read a book every other month. Except I didn't read this installment in time... Need to play some catch up!


Deborah Tannen: That's not what I meant!

I stopped reading this for no particular reason. Can't wait for the rest of this small book on linguistics.


Rebecca Gablé: Der König der purpurnen Stadt

This chunker of 1022 pages used to be my bedtime read: 20 pages a day would make me feel warm and fuzzy, for this is what Gablé's writing does to me. I'm happy to continue soon!


Jim Butcher: Storm Front

I deeply regret having put this down. But you see, I read it to my fiancé, and then we didn't have time to read, so it is obviously his fault! (sorry love)


Louisa May Alcott: Little Women

I'm not sure I like this book: While I enjoy the characters (mere types) and their little episodes, the all too present dogma of the novel bugs me - just for being there so obviously.


Alberto Manguel: A History of Reading

Still: I have no idea just how to read this big, big book (not very handy!). But I'll keep trying.


Françoise Sagan: Bonjour Tristesse

This is too short not to mention, although it is last on my list for a reason. It was on my March tbr and I didn't get to it, but I haven't dragged this with me like the other books on the list.