Impressions from the reading life

Unhaul #1

Where did all these books from? *innocent smile*

No really, I don't remember picking up hat novel about Sophie La Roche at all.

I post this because I know we all share the same problem: So many books, so little time. And space! So let me motivate you with my first purge of the year!



So, all the books I got rid of are unread ones. My tbr pile is at 110 (after the unhauling), and feels more fit for my reading habits. That is a good feeling.


Some of the books were just too pretty when I found them, but I realize now that I have no interest in their contents (Flatscreen by Adam Wilson, Prophecy by S. J. Parris). Others sounded interesting when I acquired them, but I never got around to them and now the interest has worn off (Hotel, Tortilla Flat). A third group consists of books I still want to read, but I'm sure I don't need to own a personal copy of (the Alex Capus and Italo Calvino, the latter looked a bit rough too).


I paid for none of these books in the first place, so it's not too hard to let go of them. I acquire almost all my books from bookcrossing shelves. It also makes it easier to give away the books I did pay for but don't want to keep, because I feel like I'm giving back, feeding a system I love.


My plan is to next time unhaul books from the "read" shelves. Tackling those will be super hard, I've had many of these books for such a long time. I have this habit of keeping all the books I ever had to read for school and university. It's taking up a lot of space and I really didn't enjoy some of the books. I haven't decided yet if they form a piece of my reading personality or if I can get rid of them. The worst thing would be to give them away and regret it later.