Impressions from the reading life

#boutofbooks 15 Re-cap

What a turbulent week. It was filled with the unexpected. Nevertheless, I got some reading done. Of course part of the unexpectedness was my new library card, along with the realization that my old library card would soon expire. So I ended up grabbing all the soon no longer available audiobooks that I simply needed to listen to.

In the end, I only read a small part of what I thought I would get to, but hey.


Pages read: 811. I finished Heidi. I read half of each The Universe versus Alex Woods and Fun Home. Although the latter is a Graphic Novel, it is still heavy on text, even for one of its kind, so my plan to finish it on Sunday was doomed. I'm glad I can spread the experience over a few more days.

Minutes listened: 18h 48m. I finished Nordische Märchen und Sagen, The Japanese Lover, and Farmer Giles of Ham. I'm still left with roughly 2 hours of Eden.


The only letdown of the week was Isabel Allende. I met her at the Frankfurt Book Fair and was impressed by her presence alone (she is charismatic as hell). She had great things to say and made her new novel sound interesting, so I queued in for it at the library. I waited three months to get it. My disappointment therefore is a complex one.


Heidi was a joy, with all its faults.


Nordische Märchen und Sagen was a nice compilation of fairy tales, beliefs, and myths from the North.