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#boutofbooks 15, Day 5

Bout of BooksI read 62 pages last night. Not much, but at least I got some sleep.
Total: 508 pages.
The Universe vs Alex Woods now gets really interesting because Alex finally met his tutor Mr. Peterson. First thing he did was to give him all his Vonegut books. Now I really must get to them eventually.
Today's Challenge: Scavenger Hunt

Book Shelves | A book you’re planning to read/currently reading for Bout of Books | A Book and a Beverage | Blue Books |Cozy Reading Spot


#boutofbooks 15

Cozy reading spot


I shamelessly combined two of the tasks, presenting you 4 pics: The pretty yellow spine is The Universe vs Alex Woods, which I'm currently reading. Next to it is a stack of blue books from my tbr shelf, which you can also see. On top of the blue books you can see the latest addition to my tea cup collection. The writing says "Best friend". FYI, the cup was filled with delicious green tea. Last but not least, a cozy reading spot. It's not in my flat, but I'll never forget that place and hope to return to it ASAP. It's a book shop in Hay-on-Wye. What could be more appropriate?

I didn't include a picture of my reading spot because honestly I don't have one, or not the one I always go to. Also, the flat still looks chaotic weeks after the actual move.


So, do you have one fixed reading nook?




Instead of reading my book I'm listening to some audiobooks. My library membership for my ex-hometown expires in 10 days and some of the audiobooks on Overdrive are not available from my new library's account.

I listened to The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende (not impressed, but it was not bad) and Farmer Giles of Ham (read by a very popular narrator who sadly passed away long ago). I also checked out audiobooks of Eden by Stanislaw Lem and a collection of Nordic Fairy Tales that features some of my favourite narrators.