Impressions from the reading life

#boutofbooks 15, Day 4

Bout of BooksOkay, today at least I can say for certain that I will be very busy. But there might be some reading time if I have to spend time in a waiting room.
I read 98 pages yesterday, again most of it late, which makes my total 446 pages.
The Universe against Alex Woods is entertaining and packed with science facts. At least I didn't expect that. Alex, who tells the story, is quite talkative and keeps digressing - a bit ennerving. But at the same time, he's a really nice lad. Maybe it just wasn't the right time, as soon as I can really emerge into the book I'm sure the digressions won't bother me anymore.
Today's Challenge: Villain Mash-Up
♬ Monster mash, the monster mash...♬
I'm supposed to pick two villains from different books who I'd like to see fight (in any way).
Mh. I need to ponder this. Will be back sometime.
Update: I encountered some interesting combinations, not really villain v villain but alternate stories. Like what would happen if Haggard from The Last Unicorn collected Triffids? Or what if Siegfried from the Nibelungen hunted down pigs with the boys in The Lord of the Flies? I could go on.
As for the intention of this challenge, I discovered two things: I don't memorize my villains well, and most of my read book don't have villains in the flesh.
Also it is my top priority not to spoil books for you.
So in the end I pic two classic villains who would just be hilarious would they meet (or rather, be locked in a room together).
Enter Hook, the Pirate with exceptional good manners, and The Queen of Hearts, who always gets what she wants (and if not, goes into tantrums).
I imagine the Queen would insist on whatever, while Hook would be shocked by her behaviour and trying to bring her to her senses while pressing her to respect him. Although it would be a verbal fight, the Queen might slap Hook every once in a while with her fan, when she becomes too agitated. I can see their egos collide easily!
So that is it for my villain mash-up.
See you later with reading updates.