Impressions from the reading life

#boutofbooks 15, Day 3

Bout of BooksIn a late night reading session, I finished Heidi! In the end, the heavenly blessings overtook a bit, but all in all I really loved the story and its' characters.
So Tuesday totals come in at 207 pages; overall I've read 348 pages equalling one book.
What's next?
I pick... *walking off to book shelf* The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence. I bought this on a whim because it looked so pretty ;) Haven't heard a bad word about it since so I'm really looking forward to it. Updates will follow (though they may come in late).
Challenge of the Day: Rainbows
I'm too tired right now to go for the photo option, so I'll form an acrostic that reads the initials of the colours of the rainbow (this is an official option, I'm not making this up). All authors on the list are authors I've read before and enjoyed doing so.

R – Ruppelt, Lars: This is a German poetry slam performer. I recently bought an audiobook of his, and listening to it, collapsed on the kitchen floor laughing.

O – Ozeki, Ruth: I read A Tale for the Time Being last April and instantly fell in love.

Y – Yeats, William Butler: His poems are full of myth and melancholy (okay, sometimes folly).

G – Germain, Sylvie: This sadly obscure writer published the most magical family saga ever, including a man with a golden shadow.

B – Barrie, James Matthew: If you don't know how much I adore Peter Pan, you don't know anything about me.

I – Ibbotson, Eva: The Secret of Platform 13 inspired J.K. Rowlings' platform 9 3/4. An entertaining childrens book.

V – Verne, Jules: If you have never tried any book by M. Verne, what are you doing?



I should call this a nightly readathon, I always seem to end up doing all the reading at night. Again, things went not as expected, so that I'm currently hardly done with chapter one of my book. But I'm off to bed now, and that means I'll finally have some comfy reading time before I lull off and wake up to a new round of cirque du chaos which is my life right now.

See you tomorrow with more daily life madness and hopefully some reading.