Impressions from the reading life

American Gods - Neil Gaiman

This book just got too complex for me to follow. It is very much like with all Terry Pratchett books I've read. Somewhere I loose track of what is going on, and in the end I have only a vague idea of what happened. I expect this book to grow on me with time. I should go back to re-evaluate old book ratings from time to time anyway.

I should add that I listened to this on audio, and while the narrator is brilliant at giving every single character an individual voice, it might have added to the confusion.

One spoilery thing about the audio was that due to the homophonic names of Loki (Low Key), to me he was Loki all the time. Lucky me he turned out to be Mr. World as well, which surprised me. But it made perfect sense considering Loki's way and what Odin and him have in common in mythology.

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I guess it is time I read my copy of the Edda!

Has anyone read The Sandman series? I read that some of the characters from that series have cameos in American Gods.

All in all a very interesting read. Also, I loved that Shadow read Gravity's Rainbow at his mother's deathbed. It seems to be one of the most avoided yet well-known American novels.