Impressions from the reading life

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Read: Dragonbone Chair, I am Malala, Too Far, Stardust, A Bride's Story 1

Reading: Mary Poppins, she wrote, Billy Budd, A Bride's Story 2

Plans: Getto, Castle of Wizardry


Mary Poppins, she wrote turns out to be a bit of a slow read, at least for me. Might be due to my reading the English edition, but I don't know. Some were complaining about the boring writing. I wouldn't say it's boring but I'm not on the edge of my seat either. Since I can keep this library copy up to three months, I can take my time, so no problem there.


Billy Budd, Sailor (audiobook): This has been on my TBR forever and ever. I totally love the narrator (Hans Paetsch, a voice I grew up with, and most Germans too), so it should be impossible to hate this. I expect Moby Dick without a whale, all I know about this is what you can guess from the title. Since it is an audiobook, it won't take me long to finish this, even if I end up disliking it.


Getto: The publisher asked me if I were interested in a Bosnian SciFi ebook. Heck, yes! I hope it's good and that the format won't get in the way. I only read ebooks when there is no other option because I just don't feel as connected with the story when it is digital.


Castle of Wizardry: It's about time I got to the next installment of the Belgariad series. Seriously, I love the books, but the pure amount of them detains my sticking with them.