Impressions from the reading life

It's Monday! What are you reading?

Der Drachenbeinthron (Das Geheimnis der Großen Schwerter #1) - Tad Williams

I see my reading plans for this month going down the drain. I checked out The Dragonbone Chair on a whim (it appeared in the ebook section of my library and I didn't want to queue up for it, so I had to be quick!).

I'm knee deep in Osten Ard and love the story. It feels like my first trips to Fantasyland with Garion and the like and reminds me of The Once and Future King as well.

I've heard people complain about the slow start to the adventures in this, but really I enjoyed this part, the setting and characters.


Binabik is a sweetheart, I love his manner of speaking (and the troll sayings, they are hilarious!). Tad Williams has a sense for language, Binabiks misuse of common phrases is just perfect, for example "I'm filled with hunger". He is easily my favourite character.


Simon, of course, is a bit annoying with his teenage dramatizing and his constant questions. But it doesn't annoy too much. The character is more believable than other teenaged protagonists because he is annoying. And that is good.


I'm afraid I'll have to read the other three installments right after this one is finished (the German translation ended up as a tetralogy).