Impressions from the reading life

It's Monday! What are you reading?

A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens

A meme, a meme! I figured I'd add some spice by joining this little weekly meme by bookjourney. It's a good opportunity to occasionally let off some steam or enthuse over a book I'm reading. But fret not, I'm neither organized nor pedantic, so it's going to be "weekly" as in "once in a while".


So, what I am reading now is, finally, A Tale of Two Cities. I've bought my copy back in 2008 on a short trip to London. It seemed fit for the occasion, a bona fide souvenir. And boy, did it reminded me for years, but more of my negligence for reading it than of that long weekend in London.


What I like most about this copy, apart from the hardcover, is that it contains the original illustrations done by Hablot Browne aka Phiz. They seem to capture the atmosphere of the novel very good and, to me, look so alive and realistic while at the same time full of drama.

The Knock at the Door, by Phiz

Just look at her flowing hair, so dramatic :)


T2C The Sea Rises, by Phiz

The angry mob


I must say that Dickens' English in this historical fiction is a bit beyond me. Really hard to follow. But it seems impossible to just give up after all these years of shameful postponement.